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Tuesday, 12 May 2009
Returning After some time Absence
Mood:  bright
Topic: blog or not to blog

Returning after a long stretch away because I did not remember my password, or was it the system was not accepting it..

Previous post mentions symptoms similar to Parkinson type complaint.  I am no worse in the walking, actually much better this year. No falls ... had eye trouble,  and the 'floatie' still remains, although my vision has improved.  Shrinking the picture leaves me more wrinkled,  or did I just notice... new camera picks it all up...

I will leave further gossip for another day. Take my time compiling...


Posted by aussiepod at 4:04 PM EADT
Updated: Tuesday, 12 May 2009 4:12 PM EADT
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Friday, 7 September 2007
A taste of Mutter Ida From August
Mood:  bright
Topic: blog or not to blog

08 Aug 2007

Same Thing Here in Australia with Illegal Workers
Current mood: contemplative
Category: Writing and Poetry

Yep, I could write a book on my work
 Experiences and even be a jerk
 Report them to the Persons in Charge
  Or just take the Barge

Er, I still won't make the Poet in the Literature Game.
News from New York Times so Similar to what happens Here in OZ

Experts said the new rules represented a major tightening of the immigration enforcement system, in which employers for decades have paid little attention to notices, known as no-match letters, from the Social Security Administration advising that workers' names and numbers did not match the agency's records.

Illegal workers often provide employers with false Social Security numbers to qualify for a job.

Employers, especially in agriculture and low-wage industries, said they were deeply worried about the new rules, which could force them to lay off thousands of immigrant workers. More than 70 percent of farmworkers in the fields of the United States are illegal immigrants, according to estimates by growers' associations."

+We had the same situation even up to 1998 when I was still working in the field

The Employer would not allow me to pick he Citrus, I had to go into the Shed & sort & pack the Fruit

Was the Owners Afraid I would ask too many questions and/or ask the other gun pickers for their


Then there is the alternative Small Holdings Use. They have the "backpacker,"
or visitor come as a "Relative" I use that for a better word to explain
They Supply the Worker with food & keep and a small wage similar to
Pocket Money, in exchange for a few hours per day of work.

I cannot afford to employ someone even on that basis, they would possibly
sit on their hands & expect me to wait on them, and not move when told to
 'go home,'   I have stayed with work associates where their 'boy friend'
would hang about the bathroom toilet chatting to his lover whilst I had to
walk around the ass to do a pee. 

If you invite one in, others may follow treating your home as the main street,
free to come and go as they please.

Mutter Ida...

Currently listening :
Living With War
By Neil Young
Release date: 08 May, 2006

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Evacuate Australia Said Art Bell
Current mood: annoyed
Category: Travel and Places


  Supposed to be Horse Stables, and Rural
Just over road from my home..
Eye Sore, or Not, please Vote..

Posted by aussiepod at 6:09 PM EADT
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Wednesday, 20 September 2006
Quick hello
Mood:  cool
Topic: blog or not to blog


Then there is blog city where I have link blog page were 

there is an entry for here..

Posted by aussiepod at 11:25 AM EADT
Updated: Wednesday, 20 September 2006 11:32 AM EADT
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Friday, 25 August 2006
One Click
Mood:  cool
Topic: blog or not to blog

“Thought I would click on the box that leads to godknowswhere.. Majorityrights I deleted from my e-mail list, not that they don't have intelligent comment. Just I get flooded with 'out there' bit like the 'shadows who followed me,' yes, but they were cunning, came in hire-car. Guess they got what they were looking for, and backed off..

Still we get the 'census,' they say is not personal, nor invasive. Who is kidding whom? Name, address, income, mortgage & 'can you feed yourself, do you need help getting to the toilet'...Isn't a bit too prying? Especially when I get an overseas call with a woman enquiring, "can I speak about your mortgage!" In future it will be the "Answering Service," that answers these calls, as I am sick of paying the extra 12dollars a month just to have number of who is calling, overseas calls an exception, comes up “unknown,” You may get hundreds of nuisance calls, a month, but to me, one is too many.

 I agreed to on psychology student's homework questionnaire, then got flooded with weird O's ...Wanting answers, to all types of questionnaire. I tracked back to my work-supervisor, a social worker & her associates...She did one day, in the street, call out something about 'sorry,' like the  half-hearted gesture a politician would say.

Back to the psychology department, as I can fathom, calls came from Melbourne, Australia which is not even my States Capital.”
This was the start of a letter to a fellow blogger that I did not send, but left here to consider, at a later date. Now on reflection, I won’t send by e-mail to any particular blogger instead, post it to one or more of my blogs.

Well there is some sense in not studying persons in your own state, and there is no rule in what you tell the ‘client,’ at the other end of the phone, your reasons why you are really asking her all these “survey” questions.

I am on the internet, most everyday, yet the only surveys I get are from ‘graham Young’ of the online opinion forum I am involved with most days. I have eased off getting the daily mon. to fri. postings of around 6 to 8 different topics.

 There are the overseas news media, as well as capital city papers that also have a forum each. One edition that did not publish any of my comments is the Australian broadcast commission.
I do not have to return there, as there are plenty of other television & radio outlets in Australia, and more out there in the whole world.

Plenty of activity & opinions. People with too much, and others with too little. Some have much and strive for more, yet miss the everyday cuddles from their spouse, because he/she is impeded by something in their past life, or their goals are not met, or something much deeper in their psyche.

Getting back to my  previous work supervisor  from my work in local age care, just why was she calling “sorry,” what was ment by it?  We would have to go back to the times when I worked under her supervision & was required by the ‘employer origination “  who were not really the boss, but the state & federal government that require those employed in any age care, be it an establishment where they house the elderly in hostel accommodation, an age care unit for the frail & dying clients and also what I was doing, home care, but not live in as a carer but give assistance to the clients in their home with bathing,  & other personal care, as well as clean their home.

With these requirements they the government of today, require one to do a course called “age care three” which is do modules in a course that is both theory and practical.

I could manage the theory ok, re correspondence, but the other requirement, my supervisor said she was not qualified to train,!
I would have to move either to the big city, which is 180klm from my home, or to a country hospital. Eh?  For something like eight hours per week.. My pay from this was going out in fees for the course!

Back a time to 1998, I resided in that city, tried a course for a fortnight in care of the intellectual disabled persons. [that is what they have been calling it…disabled or impaired] 

To be continued at a later date as I am not that good at compiling a piece at one sitting  & include all I wish to say in a readable well presentable manner.

Posted by aussiepod at 9:22 PM EADT
Updated: Friday, 25 August 2006 9:29 PM EADT
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