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Wednesday, 12 April 2006
Flowers,Fruit, & crop failure
Mood:  sharp
Topic: Mealy Bug
This wretched tiny creature called "mealy bug," has almost destroyed my crop, no not flowers, Roos, rabbits, hares, every hopping flying thing is a PEST! When I think I am in for a good crop of something, it just gets attacked.

We had a little rain, maybe an inch all up this month Not enough to motivate the keen Gardner in me. Planted seeds in seed boxes. Most are up, but do I have a friend who would water, may be son will visit his hens along with his daughter, and she can see, vegies can be grown at home, they do not all have to come off shop shelves. The consumption of vegies census chaps, must gage the level of fruit and vegies eaten by average Aussie consumer by assessing what is sold at green grocer.. Never imagine that us oldies, born before, and during WW2, learned to do things for ourselves. Like Vanuatu, we will grow a crop for home consumption, like the little red hen, we have had enough of political plundering. No one reads these posts, so I can write what I like ...even a few corpuscle words, they would not set alarm bells...So back to my spraying these bugs, what did I pick up spray pack, of what?Kero.20gper/L...marked petroleum oil. WOW! and still the best killer of HEAD LICE, or NITS, and yes, the Metho will work too, on both, pests on your head, and in garden..

Posted by aussiepod at 12:36 PM EADT
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