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Friday, 7 September 2007
Re-Planting Commences at 2PH Farms, Emerald Qld Au
Mood:  cool
Now Playing: The Cat Came back the very next day
Topic: the ole yellow cat

There is not much mentioned on the open search of web site of

this once thriving business which employed up to 300 pickers and

80 plus shed hands up until 2005, when Citrus Canker Overwhelmed

the  industry in the Emerald District.  

 Not to be beat, the Son of John Pressler, founder and owner of the 

 biggest private owned Citrus Cropping, Craig is in charge of



I had not heard anything of the family, in the Media, or my gossip 

connections [networking] and precious little on the internet.  

They had been fair to middling employers, but nothing to complain 

about, now I am not aching all over and sure have put on the 

 weight these past seven years, but so has Craig, going by his 

his photo in the Rural Weekly, part of a multi-million dollar worth of picture added.

Previous entry, below has couple of buildings used as dwellings.

No mention of Duaringa Shire Council Approval of the Change in Use.

What happens when we become part of "Emerald Regionald Council"

or will it be called, "Central Hightlands of Qld Council"

that is it from Aussiepod or Elidaaussie as I am listed... 

Posted by aussiepod at 6:20 PM EADT
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Tuesday, 1 August 2006
Fear of Man, not Good State to Be In.
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: the ole yellow cat



How things come back to haunt us if we do not deal with them at the time of happening.

"Much of my life, I had a fear of MAN  not all, just the ones who claimed they had God on their side..  If you forgive, but don't forget, that is power to you. If we don't forgive, that gives them the power..

Now, See neighbours cutting down trees, gums that break in storms.. suck up moisture! we water our yards, then dry because neighbouring trees are gums..

Other, Thiess, is the company working on the Westfarmers Currah Project, mining the river at Jellinbah. I have put some pictures on my  fotka or what ever it is called, site.

Now I have told them who I am, re sign up for Thiess e-news. Probably can't do much except warn others, mainly farmers etc. that they are not all that they seem to be...Giving awards for water projects, saving water, great ideas... BUT  once you alter the flood plain, and river course you are playing god, or DOG...GOD.... what ever... This is a project encouraged by our State Government, but one must suspect the Federal & Local ones too, as no environmentilist has questioned what has and is happening to the river and the present murky waters, as well as permanent damage to the flood plain.

Of Course, dear readers, you already understand, Farmers, Graziers and others working the land have been held accountable for what they do to the land. If they pull scrub [term we use to clear land of trees etc.] But by the same yard-stick, Mining Companys and their many contractors, are allowed, encouraged and expected to 'rape the land,' of what minerals that man can get the best price for, at this time.

I will nowgive you a few references that I have found in my search to how the official explainamation is put to the public, not the official reports in the local paper, that is watered down, no this is industry news, matter of fact, where no one in his/her right mind will, or would question.[apart from the damage already done, what is your job worth, or prospective employment if you go against big mining business??]

“The civil infrastructure will include a range of site infrastructure support facilities, an access road from Curragh North to the existing mine at Curragh, and a levee bank adjacent to the McKenzie River, it said.”

Question "Why the need for levee bank, why not have the same pronciple as applied to the 'wild river rules?'

This is old hat, already almost complete, that is, damage has been done, all I can do now is point!

"$290M Curragh North Mine Project For Queensland!"

Money in your pocket for now, who gives a sh**it  about the future of the River!

"Barclay Mowlem Construction has been awarded a contract for the design and construction of a 2500tph materials handling system for the Wesfarmers Curragh North project.

Barclay Mowlem general manager engineering David Hukins says the company was involved in the design and construction of the original coal preparation plant at the Curragh North mine site in the early 1980s."

eh...that is end of Quote/s

My next project or topic, I hope to do on wild rivers of Qld, of course as this is where the comparison is, where the mainly northern rivers of the state, no development is welcome, any where near the river, so why the fffff is it allowed on the McKenzie,  part of the great Fitzroy basin river system!


Posted by aussiepod at 7:17 AM EADT
Updated: Thursday, 3 August 2006 11:10 AM EADT
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