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Saturday, 18 March 2006
Mood:  mischievious
Now Playing: tweedle dee dee
Topic: academics not different
We don't hate academics, we just wish they would get a life first. At 15 I knew it all, at 50 I knew nothing, now at 60, know even less. So I starting a fresh...see what I don't know is still greater than what I have already, learned. Tried to find the movie
The Eternal Sunshine with Spotless Mind but yet to find it.. Was on web, but the vidio clip would not download.

The gist of the story, if you forget, erase the pain, or whole memory of the 'affair,' you'll no longer feel the 'pain.' Balloney!! That pain is still there, even if you can't remember the fella,
or what he is doing there attempting to get your attention.. "Remember you?" --"Nar, get out of my bloody way and let me get on with my life!" The times they put in different 'actors,' gamming that it was the behaviour and not the fella I took offence too.. You have got to know what you are doing, using those mind disableing drugs, then go on with the power of suggestion, "suggesting what??"

If you do not understand the above, sorry, it was not ment for you. I apologize for that, but not for
using my defence mechanism to preserve me.

What I love about true academics, they never stop learning, and passing on what they have learned to others to improve mankind,and the world we live in...too many trying to stuff it up by making MONEY.
Sorry to tell you BUSHOWARDBLAR... you won't win
using force, you have to get to know the psychie of the Arab, he/she is a friendly chap, who's belief is his u a good turn before he would do u harm.

The other basic belief running through a survivor's
mind, "Death before Dishonour"

Posted by aussiepod at 3:26 PM EAST
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