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Monday, 25 February 2008
He Curses Also
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: Mad in Queensland

We had the American Television Crusader visiting Queensland last week, and he went away with $800,000.00 approxmately.

You could put him in the class of 'entertainer,' as he held this bang in show at the Entertainment Centre. Now I mentioned his visit to a friend in another Aus. State, and the following was her reply. I too have

"Ha yes Benny Hinn the so called evangelist. I used to watch him every day years ago. But I've sinced learned that him and also Joyce Meyer are very greedy and VERY wealthy people.  They have oodles of land,houses, cars, private jets etc.  I did see a picture of Meyer's house or one of them.. And her land was HEAPS large.  I don't even like her messages.  Hinn I sometimes watch as he performs 'healings' but most times he pushes them over. I went to a pentecostal church for years and often got pushed over but sometimes it was the spirit of God and no one had to touch me.  It wasn't for any reason that I could tell except one time a preacher called people to the front and I fell down and couldn't move as I felt a power go up and down my prone body.  I can't remember what it did but it was a definite touch.. Another time we all had a laughing fit as the Spirit touched one woman who'd always been quiet and depressed having a sense of worthlessness.. She burst out laughing and couldn't stop and we all started laughing.. The Bible says that "laughter is the best medicine" and it's so true.  Often I was totally healed of one thing or another.  Like at home one night I'd fallen over during the day and severely hurt my knee on the right leg.  That night I got up and sat in the kitchen chair and said "Lord please remove all this pain and every bruise!"  I sat and watched all the bruises just fade away within minutes.  All the pain had gone and as I got up and walked 'by faith' all the strength came back into my legs and I felt great.  Oh and you probably won't believe this but one night I was washing the dishes and decided to phone a friend from church to ask her to pray for me.  She answered and said "Oh it's just a spiritual problem" and just sort of hung up.  I was disappointed but went back to the sink and dishes.. I just said "Well Jesus I love you anyway."  with that I felt his awesome awesome presence and love was pouring out of him and filling me so much I had to back away.  It was So powerful.. the most powerful thing in this earth.  I got back to the cupboard against the far wall and then it faded slowly away but I felt SO loved like never before.  So many other miracles, more than I can remember, including provision of money put into my letter box, Box of groceries on my front doorstep and once even a saucepan of food.. tiny little bit of potato that was all that was left.. multiplied from a mere scraping around the edges of the bottom to be 1/4 full!!  I was so amazed.  All I'd done before I dished it up to my ex husband out in the caravan and taking it out to him was "Please Lord let this be enough."  I didn't expect to be able to have any myself but as it was I had way more than he did. 
Well I've been up all night 'AusPod' so I'm off to bed now.. Oh I think I have one more email from you to read first.
Love,< friend>

 I too have have had food left on the doorstep, or actually they came in human form, insisting I take the carton of food, Flour, Sugar, Breakfast Cereal, Canned Milk, Baked Beans, Peas & Beans as well as other vegetables and Apples and Oranges. There was meat, canned ham & fresh sausages.

I already had visitors earlier, appeared the same, on the doorstep, invited themselves in, said they did not need the usual cuppa & biscuit that one would give a real human neighbourly visitor.
 They were identical to the couple that came with "Lucetta,"  all those  years ago, back in  1948  wanting to move me from  my happy home with  parents [they were absent in hospital for a short time} brother & sister who were 2 and 4 years older than myself.

This couple wandered about the small flat 'inspecting!' Looking in the fridge, or did they actually ask please will you open it, thinking we had no food, lol, I can now, at their funny ways. They really believed they were god's angels, doing what they thought was 'the right thing,' same as this crap pottering 'evangalist.'



Posted by aussiepod at 8:27 PM EAST
Updated: Monday, 25 February 2008 9:23 PM EAST
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Friday, 19 May 2006
Do we need more foreign workers
Topic: Mad in Queensland
I have created this blog to encourage visitors to comment on what they perceive as 'fair-go-mate,' regards your visitors status in a country, not your normal home country or one you have legally become a resident. I do not know enough regards the immigration status regards my own country, Australia, let alone anyone else’s. In recent years the Australian Federal Government has imprisoned those who do not have the correct papers to say they have permission to stay. The do-gooders could be correct in saying these people do not belong in jail, just to make themselves popular with the rest of the world. We have had freedoms or appear to have freedoms that the rest of the world may women having a freedom in a marriage to seek, and have, work outside the home, and actually keep some of the earned money for her own personal use. I had to hide money to pay for needs such as food, clothing, and school requirements, from my Spouse, or it all would have gone on his 'beer, smokes, and needy mates!' My children learned from my behaviours, not to broadcast to the world, if you have a little money left over, invest it so as the money will work for you, not against you. This is the case with loans from 'credit cards,' 'banks that keep adding extra charges,' and last but not least, 'loan sharks!' I have worked in fruit-packing sheds, in the field, on the shop/grocery floor, and for an exporter of sheep and goat meat. side by side with local born or legal immigrants, as well as visitors, both legal and illegal. At times the labour shortage gave the employer a headache, but he/she soon found a solution with back packers willing and waiting to fill the positions. Some Asian workers protested that the British Back Packers had an unfair advantage, but I could not see that, as the Ladies who were claiming this 'unfair advantage,' were 'sponsored migrants.' Put in a nut shell, the ones who spoke to me had come to Australia with their Spouse/Sponsor, one husband was Canadian, other New Zealand, with jobs first one in the mines, and other self-financed & hustler who sold 'shares in a dodgy Tea-Tree Oil Company! Strange to say, when the 2 year waiting period was up, they got their 'citizenship,' then the young lass, under 40 years of age, separated from her then 'Spouse,' claiming he had moved to the spare room etc.. and it was shortly after that she was able to claim a pension, as she had young daughters in her care, as well as our government's subsidised housing. Couple of years later she had found a new partner who had been born here. They got along well, & prospered financially as both were hard, diligent workers, last time I saw them, six years ago now. Boy, time flies. This is my limited experience of immigrants who I have met & mingled with, now many more have take on the jobs in our 'foreign owned,' meat processing plants. "A news report just posted today, "Israel to import more live cattle from Australia!" I will leave that for you, dear reader, to comment on....

Posted by aussiepod at 2:57 PM EADT
Updated: Thursday, 8 June 2006 8:43 PM EADT
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Tuesday, 18 April 2006
Them were the days
Mood:  blue
Topic: Mad in Queensland

Sydney was where the jobs were, but the rents too high,& fear ruled the streets for a country girl like myself, so I stayed clear. Lived in my country town, where the 'out house,' was our toilet, & council worker changed the pan weekly. Water worries was when the dam ran dry, see my pictures for that special place. My cooking was done on the second-hand combustion stove, that children and myself collected wood for, in nearby paddocks. Vegies came from the garden, that we worked at ourselves, or from the mobile green grocer who called weekly at our door. He did that until the 'wet year,' cut the traffic for eight or more weeks.
Bridge over Nagoa, just outside Emerald was over, or the Sandhurst Creek, at Comet. The other direction, cut off from Rockhampton by the Dawson River Bridge flooded for similar length of time.'Them were the days!Complaints of drought, and lack of town water
or irrigation water. What did we do before the great
Fairbairn Dam??

Better still, why do the Pollies keep knocking on the head any proposed development. All they want to do is make big holes in the ground. Blame the ordinary worker for running up bank card debts. What do the hugmongous drag lines cost? They are expensive imports they lump with the incoming expenditure as us spending..Bah! They knocked any and all proposed dams structures, gone, excuses, excuses...just want to make black holes everywhere!!


Posted by aussiepod at 9:44 AM EADT
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Thursday, 13 April 2006

Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: Mad in Queensland

Much written re-water or lack of enough of it, and I have only read a fraction. What we need is rain. Were I live we had water carted to our rain water tanks in the 70's, then pipe line in early 80's from 20klm away that connected to McKenzie river supply, dearer water rates, but worth it. We have the set hours for sprinklers, that the larger centre does not, and it is the one growing and housing workers for the expanding mining industry. We had to convert from 'outhouse toilet,' to 'septic-duel-flush,' as new age waterless toilets were then not acceptable in private residence. The "blockie" across the road, can water his cattle and horse, so I don't see why my 'fruit trees,' should not get a drink too. Just the basic of water use, it is he who has the money to pay, that can use the most water..
ALSO POSTED Friday, 17/03/2006..On Line Opinion

I had intended to write re-Sydney, N.S.W. Australia' recent water shortages. As I see it much of their Piped water is collected in Dams from Rivers, that cover the surrounding hills and countryside, thus drawing water from areas other that their local square. Their local square, is mostly curb & channel, as well as roof water, is directed to stormwater drains, and then into the Sea. We have environment rules to keep this water reasonable free of contaminates so what cannot this water be harnessed before it reaches the sea.

Of course the city fathers and other planners have de salination planned for the future. Any how, this is just my opinion, not something you will see come to fruitation...elida_pamee.

Posted by aussiepod at 1:43 PM EADT
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Thursday, 16 March 2006
Here and Now
Now Playing: free music
Topic: Mad in Queensland

This is my country's flag. "Love it or Leave it"

Not only do I have British Ancestors, some from England, Scotland and unknown.. Also Germany, mid
1800's see for your self at

I will not tell you here which ones were my ancestors, maternal great grandparents..pappy did leave without permission, skipped that war thing..squabble between two great powers..

Do you see a resemblence with "the seperatist oz flag for a minority of Australians," and the
present day, German Flag.. Accident, planned ??
that way?? Does any one care?

Posted by aussiepod at 7:43 AM EAST
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Sunday, 12 March 2006
browsing blogs
Mood:  incredulous
Now Playing: should u bee so camp
Topic: Mad in Queensland
Visited your pro/site sid, only six months since last entry. Moved on to other interests. Many of your fellow bloggers teenyweeny nearly ankle biters. Cloudy over hills so we may be in for showers. Left short note on your mircd, no one visits here. I take a look at she adds a bit when she finds the time..may not be allowed.. so can e-male the connection if you are interested in having a look. tartar all, elidaaussie,,

Posted by aussiepod at 10:15 AM EAST
Tuesday, 28 February 2006
Qld Gov. doing something
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: Mad in Queensland

After six years of citrus, one still gets flashes

like I am seeing here.Too much sun, or too much maderind??

Posted by aussiepod at 5:35 PM EAST
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