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Friday, 9 March 2007
Return to Tripod Lycos Aussiepod
Mood:  celebratory
Topic: change of view

I have been informed by blog city that there is to be no more free blogs.


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Sunday, 4 March 2007 11:26 A GMT+11
so I am including here reference to latest posts. They are deleting us freeloaders by December 2007, in  hope we will re-consider and pay up. Ok, I may uses them for a month or so, or just getthehellouttather! 


Posted by aussiepod at 10:07 AM EAST
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Thursday, 28 December 2006
Delanoe & Edith Piaf
Mood:  caffeinated
Now Playing: Edith Piaf: Her Greatest Recordings 1935-1943 ~ Edith Piaf today!
Topic: Great Artists

more on music
...."he got the chance to write for the likes of Edith Piaf ("Les Grognards"),

The voice of Edith Piaf carries with it perhaps more national identity than that of any other recorded artist in the world. Tiny, frail, and tragic in her life, Piaf brought French identity to the rest of the world in a way that was understandable to all. Known as "the Little Sparrow" in her country, her voice was strong, bold, and passionate, even as she grew more infirm. The archetypical torch singer, she had massive popular success with songs like "Milord," "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien," and "La Vie, L'Amour," included here with 18 other classics. While this is a great compilation of some of her best material, the complete lack of enclosed notes or biographical material may frustrate those not familiar with her fascinating career. However, the work of one of the most original songbirds of all time speaks loud and clear for itself. --Derek Rath"

I am sure the voice has an 'Ertha Kitt' ring to it, or similar sound..Thanksto my friend Sylvia on MySpace I have the honour to know of this great writer, after his recent death at 88years.

"Nicknamed “the Pope of French song," Pierre Delanoé was responsible for some of the most poetically accomplished lyrics in French popular music, and was able to maintain a decades-long career by adapting to the tastes of each succeeding generation. Born in 1918 and initially making his living as a lawyer, Delanoé's songwriting career effectively began in 1948, when he penned "Y'a Un Pli Au Tapis du Salon" and met singer/composer Gilbert Bécaud, who would soon become a giant of French pop and Delanoé's frequent writing partner. Their first success together came with 1953's "Mes Mains," and their collaboration produced numerous other classic hits, including "Le Jour Oú La Pluie Viendra," "Je T'appartiens" (a hit in English-speaking countries as "Let It Be Me"), "La Solitude, Ça N'existe Pas," and many more. Concurrently, he served as program director for the Europe 1 radio station from 1955-1960, which proved a springboard to further collaborations; he got the chance to write for the likes of Edith Piaf ("Les Grognards"), Yves Montand ("Cartes Postales"), and Andre Archstone (the Hubert Giraud co-write "Dors Mon Amour," which won the Eurovision song contest in 1958).

Delanoé continued to write hits with Bécaud during the early ‘60s, including 1964's "Nathalie" and the following year's "L'Orange." Delanoé next worked with Hugues Aufray in translating selected portions of Bob Dylan's repertoire into French, and struck up a productive new partnership with Michel Fugain, which produced "Je N'aurai Pas Le Temps" in 1967 (among several other hits). Delanoé also wrote hits for female artists like Petula Clark, Nicoletta, Dalida, Sylvie Vartan, and Nana Mouskouri. Beginning in 1971, he found his greatest success in quite some time in tandem with singer/composer Michel Sardou; over the next decade, they wrote a string of hits including "Les Vieux Mariés," "Les Villes de Solitude," "Les Lacs du Connemara," and "Les Deux Écoles," among others. Delanoé served three two-year terms as head of the French songwriters' trade organization SACEM (1984-86, 1988-90, 1992-94), and was eventually recognized as its honorary president, thanks to a list of credits that included an estimated 4000 songs over an incredible 50-plus-year career.

- Steve Huey, All Music Guide"


other available recordings available are\



Posted by aussiepod at 9:22 PM EAST
Updated: Thursday, 28 December 2006 9:32 PM EAST
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Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Into Thin Air


Raw emotion is on display in Australian Story this week when officers investigating the disappearance of teenager Daniel Morcombe reveal how the case has affected them and their determination to solve it. 

the disappearance of teenager Daniel Morcombe 

Back in December Seven 2003 this 14year old went missing

never to be seen again, whilst waiting at a Bus Stop..

Looking back over the years, young women [some not so young]

go missing, and not so much fuss is made, nor suspicion of

murder, as is in this case.  I had posted the story on blog-city with

my physic comment.. the captain thought little of my posting, stiff to 

him, but I have deleted it and some link blogs and linked the 

official missing site instead of my opinions...Blah,..blah 

Posted by aussiepod at 11:57 AM EAST
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Sunday, 24 December 2006
Exprimetal Psycholgy
Mood:  caffeinated

Currently reading:
Research In Psychology: Methods and Design
By: C. James Goodwin

  Experimental psychology


I did not choose the subject, it chose me,
Popped up when Aim to write a poem,
If that is at all possible, gee
Not that music is't a better choice, O'em,

'Twas to be something about the jolly season,
Contrasts in ways of life, countries & dwelling
So close to the edge, and far out of reason
Pushing & a Shoving, Snatching what bargan Selling.

Could we be less like Martha and more a Mary,
Sit at the Lords feet, and heed what HE is Telling,
Onward Christian Soldiers, Mercy little farie,
Love emitting, more as Child than of Bishop Pelling!

This is not my usual Blog Style, And I started posting to Wish you all Seasons Greetings, Enjoy the day, the moment Life and count your blessings. Dear Reader if you do read, please comment, just say something.


Posted by aussiepod at 10:49 PM EAST
Updated: Sunday, 24 December 2006 10:53 PM EAST
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Tuesday, 21 November 2006
My day shopping in Big Town
Mood:  vegas lucky
Topic: change of view


 I had a good day with my daughter, shopping after I had lunch with her and 2 of her friends.. X wife of Son's was about, but I believe she was the one in dark vehicle that took off as we arrived, as our Jan spotted her sister at the  office of the establishment, perhaps doing some re training.

We enjoyed our lunch of Chicken Schnitzel with chips and Salad, really putting the effort in to giving us a good lunch.

 The following was on news yesterday evening, then again today, draw your own conclusions, I will just get into more hot water if I comment.. 



"The former Los Angeles advertising agency owner and nightclub operator was last night flown to a specialist burns unit in Brisbane after surgery to remove the .22 calibre bullet from behind his temple.

His attacker Michael Staines, 46, burst into the Patrick St home of ex-partner and social worker Claire Carey, 44, to find her naked in bed with Mr Gray.

It was their first official date with an outing to the basketball and drinks at the casino.

Mr Staines, a panel beater, shot Mr Gray in the head with a sawn-off .22 rifle, killed his ex-girlfriend with two shots to the chest and set the home ablaze in the murderous rampage about 1.30am on Sunday.

The state political candidate for Mundingburra in 2001 who was also facing child stealing charges from a 2005 incident, then turned the gun on himself."


Quote from todays Courier Mail,23739,20793279-3102,00.html 

Posted by aussiepod at 7:36 PM EAST
Updated: Tuesday, 21 November 2006 8:08 PM EAST
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Wednesday, 20 September 2006
Quick hello
Mood:  cool
Topic: blog or not to blog


Then there is blog city where I have link blog page were 

there is an entry for here..

Posted by aussiepod at 11:25 AM EADT
Updated: Wednesday, 20 September 2006 11:32 AM EADT
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Friday, 25 August 2006
One Click
Mood:  cool
Topic: blog or not to blog

“Thought I would click on the box that leads to godknowswhere.. Majorityrights I deleted from my e-mail list, not that they don't have intelligent comment. Just I get flooded with 'out there' bit like the 'shadows who followed me,' yes, but they were cunning, came in hire-car. Guess they got what they were looking for, and backed off..

Still we get the 'census,' they say is not personal, nor invasive. Who is kidding whom? Name, address, income, mortgage & 'can you feed yourself, do you need help getting to the toilet'...Isn't a bit too prying? Especially when I get an overseas call with a woman enquiring, "can I speak about your mortgage!" In future it will be the "Answering Service," that answers these calls, as I am sick of paying the extra 12dollars a month just to have number of who is calling, overseas calls an exception, comes up “unknown,” You may get hundreds of nuisance calls, a month, but to me, one is too many.

 I agreed to on psychology student's homework questionnaire, then got flooded with weird O's ...Wanting answers, to all types of questionnaire. I tracked back to my work-supervisor, a social worker & her associates...She did one day, in the street, call out something about 'sorry,' like the  half-hearted gesture a politician would say.

Back to the psychology department, as I can fathom, calls came from Melbourne, Australia which is not even my States Capital.”
This was the start of a letter to a fellow blogger that I did not send, but left here to consider, at a later date. Now on reflection, I won’t send by e-mail to any particular blogger instead, post it to one or more of my blogs.

Well there is some sense in not studying persons in your own state, and there is no rule in what you tell the ‘client,’ at the other end of the phone, your reasons why you are really asking her all these “survey” questions.

I am on the internet, most everyday, yet the only surveys I get are from ‘graham Young’ of the online opinion forum I am involved with most days. I have eased off getting the daily mon. to fri. postings of around 6 to 8 different topics.

 There are the overseas news media, as well as capital city papers that also have a forum each. One edition that did not publish any of my comments is the Australian broadcast commission.
I do not have to return there, as there are plenty of other television & radio outlets in Australia, and more out there in the whole world.

Plenty of activity & opinions. People with too much, and others with too little. Some have much and strive for more, yet miss the everyday cuddles from their spouse, because he/she is impeded by something in their past life, or their goals are not met, or something much deeper in their psyche.

Getting back to my  previous work supervisor  from my work in local age care, just why was she calling “sorry,” what was ment by it?  We would have to go back to the times when I worked under her supervision & was required by the ‘employer origination “  who were not really the boss, but the state & federal government that require those employed in any age care, be it an establishment where they house the elderly in hostel accommodation, an age care unit for the frail & dying clients and also what I was doing, home care, but not live in as a carer but give assistance to the clients in their home with bathing,  & other personal care, as well as clean their home.

With these requirements they the government of today, require one to do a course called “age care three” which is do modules in a course that is both theory and practical.

I could manage the theory ok, re correspondence, but the other requirement, my supervisor said she was not qualified to train,!
I would have to move either to the big city, which is 180klm from my home, or to a country hospital. Eh?  For something like eight hours per week.. My pay from this was going out in fees for the course!

Back a time to 1998, I resided in that city, tried a course for a fortnight in care of the intellectual disabled persons. [that is what they have been calling it…disabled or impaired] 

To be continued at a later date as I am not that good at compiling a piece at one sitting  & include all I wish to say in a readable well presentable manner.

Posted by aussiepod at 9:22 PM EADT
Updated: Friday, 25 August 2006 9:29 PM EADT
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Tuesday, 1 August 2006
Fear of Man, not Good State to Be In.
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: the ole yellow cat



How things come back to haunt us if we do not deal with them at the time of happening.

"Much of my life, I had a fear of MAN  not all, just the ones who claimed they had God on their side..  If you forgive, but don't forget, that is power to you. If we don't forgive, that gives them the power..

Now, See neighbours cutting down trees, gums that break in storms.. suck up moisture! we water our yards, then dry because neighbouring trees are gums..

Other, Thiess, is the company working on the Westfarmers Currah Project, mining the river at Jellinbah. I have put some pictures on my  fotka or what ever it is called, site.

Now I have told them who I am, re sign up for Thiess e-news. Probably can't do much except warn others, mainly farmers etc. that they are not all that they seem to be...Giving awards for water projects, saving water, great ideas... BUT  once you alter the flood plain, and river course you are playing god, or DOG...GOD.... what ever... This is a project encouraged by our State Government, but one must suspect the Federal & Local ones too, as no environmentilist has questioned what has and is happening to the river and the present murky waters, as well as permanent damage to the flood plain.

Of Course, dear readers, you already understand, Farmers, Graziers and others working the land have been held accountable for what they do to the land. If they pull scrub [term we use to clear land of trees etc.] But by the same yard-stick, Mining Companys and their many contractors, are allowed, encouraged and expected to 'rape the land,' of what minerals that man can get the best price for, at this time.

I will nowgive you a few references that I have found in my search to how the official explainamation is put to the public, not the official reports in the local paper, that is watered down, no this is industry news, matter of fact, where no one in his/her right mind will, or would question.[apart from the damage already done, what is your job worth, or prospective employment if you go against big mining business??]

“The civil infrastructure will include a range of site infrastructure support facilities, an access road from Curragh North to the existing mine at Curragh, and a levee bank adjacent to the McKenzie River, it said.”

Question "Why the need for levee bank, why not have the same pronciple as applied to the 'wild river rules?'

This is old hat, already almost complete, that is, damage has been done, all I can do now is point!

"$290M Curragh North Mine Project For Queensland!"

Money in your pocket for now, who gives a sh**it  about the future of the River!

"Barclay Mowlem Construction has been awarded a contract for the design and construction of a 2500tph materials handling system for the Wesfarmers Curragh North project.

Barclay Mowlem general manager engineering David Hukins says the company was involved in the design and construction of the original coal preparation plant at the Curragh North mine site in the early 1980s."

eh...that is end of Quote/s

My next project or topic, I hope to do on wild rivers of Qld, of course as this is where the comparison is, where the mainly northern rivers of the state, no development is welcome, any where near the river, so why the fffff is it allowed on the McKenzie,  part of the great Fitzroy basin river system!


Posted by aussiepod at 7:17 AM EADT
Updated: Thursday, 3 August 2006 11:10 AM EADT
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Saturday, 1 July 2006
Progress in My Home Town
Mood:  chatty
Now Playing: Morning Song
Topic: Home Town Activity

I went for my walk around town with my trusty digital camera which is now 6 months old as I gave myself it for Christmas, only reason there is pictures on my photo site, as well as on page.To view, you will need to check out my pictures.

While I am here I can give you an update on what we have been discussing on our aussie forum called onlineopinion, which my pseudonym is "ELIDA" here is the URL.

 This will take you direct to the forum topics. At the top where you log in, it will take you to where to regester, like most sites on the web. Also there is provision for your web page, one only, so if you have more to say on your favourite subject,  this will take the frustration out of having to post or repeat the same stuff time after time, if like me you visit & have blogs in other areas. Cheers for now,  and don't be shy at leaving a comment, there or here on my page, as I cannot bite.

Posted by aussiepod at 8:14 AM EADT
Updated: Saturday, 1 July 2006 9:14 AM EADT
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Saturday, 17 June 2006
This One
Mood:  chatty
Topic: change of view

Subject: Work permits in Mexico

The following from a director with SW BELL in Mexico City.

“I spent five years working in Mexico.

I worked under a tourist visa for three months and could legally renew it for three
more months. After that you were working illegally. I was technically
Illegal for three weeks waiting on the FM3 approval.

During that six months our Mexican and US Attorneys were working to secure a permanent work Visa called a FM3. It was in addition to my US passport that I had to show each time I entered and left the country.
Barbara's was the same except hers did not permit her to work.

To apply for the FM3 I needed to submit the following notarized originals (not copies) of my:
1. Birth certificates for Barbara and me.
2. Marriage certificate.
3. High school transcripts and proof of graduation.
4. College transcripts for every college I attended and proof of graduation.
5. Two letters of recommendation from supervisors I had worked for at least one year.
6. A letter from The ST. Louis Chief of Police indicating I had no arrest record in the US and no outstanding warrants and was "a citizen in good standing."
7. Finally; I had to write a letter about myself that clearly stated why there was no
Mexican citizen with my skills and why my skills were important to Mexico.
We called it our "I am the greatest person on earth" letter. It was fun to write.

All of the above were in English that had to be translated into Spanish and be certified as Legal translations and our signatures notarized. It produced a folder about 1.5 inches thick with English on the left side and Spanish on the right.

Once they were completed Barbara and I spent about five hours accompanied by a
Mexican attorney touring Mexican government office locations and being
Photographed and fingerprinted at least three times. At each location (and we
Remember at least four locations) we were instructed on Mexican tax, labor,
housing, and criminal law and that we were required to obey their laws or face the
consequences. We could not protest any of the government's actions or we
would be committing a felony. We paid out four thousand dollars in fees and
bribes to complete the process. When this was done we could legally
bring in our household goods that were held by US customs in Laredo Texas.
This meant we rented furniture in Mexico while awaiting our goods. There were extensive fees involved here that the company paid.

We could not buy a home and were required to rent at very high rates and under contract and compliance with Mexican law.
We were required to get a Mexican drivers license. This was an amazing process. The company arranged for the licensing agency to come to our headquarters location
With their photography and finger print equipment and the laminating machine.
We showed our US license, were photographed and fingerprinted again and issued the license instantly after paying out a six dollar fee. We did not take a written or driving test and never received instructions on the rules of the road.
Our only instruction was never give a policeman your license if stopped and asked. We were instructed to hold it against the inside window away from his
grasp. If he got his hands on it you would have to pay ransom to get it back.

We then had to pay and file Mexican income tax annually using the number of our FM3 as our ID number. The companies Mexican accountants did this for us and we just signed what they prepared. I was about twenty legal size pages annually.

The FM 3 was good for three years and renewable for two more after paying more fees.

Leaving the country meant turning in the FM# and certifying we were leaving no debts
Behind and no outstanding legal affairs (warrants, tickets or liens) before our
household goods were released to customs.

It was a real adventure and If any of our senators or congressmen went through it
once they would have a different attitude toward Mexico.

The Mexican Government uses its vast military and police forces to keep its citizens
Intimidated and compliant. They never protest at their White House or government
Offices but do protest daily in front of the United States Embassy. The US embassy looks like a strongly reinforced fortress and during most protests the Mexican Military surround the block with their men standing shoulder to shoulder in full riot gear to protect the Embassy. These protests are never shown on US or Mexican TV. There is a large public park across the Street where they do their protesting. Anything can cause a protest such as proposed law changes in California or Texas“.

Please feel free to share this with everyone who thinks we are being hard on illegal

Posted by aussiepod at 2:12 PM EADT
Updated: Saturday, 17 June 2006 2:16 PM EADT
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