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Thursday, 15 November 2007
What the Season Brings, Hope or Dispair

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


What the Season Brings.. Hope or Dispair
Current mood: awake
Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

'What has happened here..
Mental health petition.. see google mail.. '
Reminder I made for myself as I signed a petition with Qld Government web site to improve the lot of the mentally ill who are being over medicated, i.e. drugged to the eye balls, so to speak. Unable to operate well enough to look after their selves, and definatly unable to work to the best of their ability. Most cannot hold down a job, and if they do it is a menial task with others doing the thinking, organizing and collecting a high wage/salary for his privilage.
The Health Department or Mental Health Department has increased with Spending at a all time high, thanks to the Beattie/Bligh Government putting more funding into the said department, but things for the patient remain much the same.
Recently a young man died, who had been treated at home with these 'brain disabling drugs.' By not changing his habits they were condoning his demise by drugging him for years & giving no home of improvement! His teeth went rotten, possibly a side effect of the medication, as well he smoked heavily, with not encouragement plan to quit. Hopeless, just darn hopeless. I cannot comment on the actual cause of death, but a poor diet and smoking and lazing about, a side effect of 'brain disabling drugs,' a sure way to cut short a young life..
The Federal Government in this country has also added to people dropping out, not working to their full potential. The young 20-30 year old can live in a small town with little work potential in the area and slip through the system & uses thier overweight, mental retardation as an excuse because the "Job Network," they are regestered with does not try hard enough to put them in gainful employment.
Sure they can be 'referred,' to interviews with potential employment, can go to 20 of these in one week, and still not find suitable, gainful employment.
At 50 years of age, I had spent 10 years in Merchandising products for Retail Grocery Stores and got efficent at it. I had been offered cleaning jobs, but the timing was wrong, as a single, widowed parent I was their only adult relative for 500 or 600 kilometers. Still, by the time my youngest was 15 I was offered to go to this City to do a course in Hospitality, with out my children as they were attending school near my home.
Federal Government said they were old enough to be in charge, i.e. over 16, and state law said they had to be over 18. Besides....
My fear, MY FEAR... I did not know what it was exactly, a fear of being away from family, a fear of them being taken from me and placed in care.. Who Cares? It is not Care, it is to see they get a wage/salary by being paid for telling you what to do, how to do it, simply because they have the POWER..

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Posted by aussiepod at 12:15 PM EAST
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